Auckland Park, Bond Avenue, Bletchley When commissioned to produce
specialised building types, the Practice
fully researches the problem and
frequently works with Consultants recruited
because of their specialist knowledge.
Over the years that Sansome Hall
Architects have been in existence they
have built up good working relationships
with a large number of Consultants, both
local and national.

The Practice has worked with many local
Contractors on Design & Build projects as
well as acting for clients in the traditional
The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes

Established on 1st January 1984 by the
two Partners, Robert Sansome and
Peter Hall after varied individual 
experience in both private and public
practices. Sansome Hall Architects have
provided a professional service on a wide
variety of projects for individual, corporate
and national clients.

Based in Milton Keynes since its inception,
the Practice had offices in Central Milton
Keynes until 1999 when it moved to its
current premises in an office development
located on Furtho Manor Farm in the
countryside just North of the New City.
Furtho Business Units, Furtho Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club Clubhouse
Sansome Hall Architects have always
based their design work on a personal
service, all projects being undertaken by
Partners with technical support from a
small group of assistants. This individual
attention has meant that the practice has
completed many successful schemes
involving Masterplanning, Commercial,
Industrial and Residential buildings, Arts
and Leisure projects as well as Education
and Health schemes.
A state-of-the-art CAD installation is
constantly being updated and allows all
current projects to be electronically
communicated with Consultants, 
Contractors and Clients, a process that
enhances decision-making and accuracy.
The continuity and experience built up
over the lifetime of the Practice means
that Sansome Hall Architects can offer a
totally professional service allied to 
creative flair and personal attention.
In 1984 Sansome Hall Architects claimed
that "no matter what the problem, careful
analysis and creative thought will provide
pleasing and effective solutions" and this
is more evident today than ever before.